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Welcome to Easy Scroll Saw Patterns

Simple and inexpensive Free! scroll saw patterns for the beginner

Here at Easy Scroll Patterns we think learning how to use a scroll saw should be fun and reap tangible results. Buying pattern books can be very expensive, and there are usually only one or two patterns you can actually use. Our patterns are so inexpensive Free!! you can buy download many sets and still pay less than one book.

Check out our patterns and notice that while they are simple cuts that reinforce scrolling basics, they also produce very nice products. Look for some of our heirloom pieces that will be passed down for generations!

Look for our You Choose!! sales, where you choose the price! Pay only what you think it is worth, if you think it is worth nothing, pay nothing!

After a year of trying we give up! This site was not profitable anyway, so we have stopped selling! You can download our entire inventory for FREE!!

Featured Patterns:

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